Advice for one who transmits information from spirit beings

Scooterish writes:

Well, I’m really needing more of this tool called money, and I’m working on it. I want to ask about my intuitive abilities and the absolute knot I get before I give a reading. While I’m now trusting all that comes through for others and am feeling that it is easier, and have such a case of the nerves! As well, I am beginning to see other’s guides, but don’t recognize information coming from them. It’s like I only have a picture. Know what I mean? As if the information is fragmented. Anyway, any help you could offer would be so much appreciated as I pursue this avenue. 

The guide’s response:

Blessed being, it is good that you feel the anxiety, for it translates the respect and the great honour you feel being in this position between the being who asks and the beings who speaks.  To be the conduit is not a simple act but an act of absolute love and unconditional acceptance.  So, accept the fact that you are somewhat hesitant and nervous and know that that is your willingness to do the highest.

As to your other questions, monies will come when you believe in it.  You often put hurdles in front of yourself making it a difficult task bringing the monies to you.  And yet you know in your being that you have a need and that beautiful heart to do with that thing called monies in such a wondrous way.

As to when you are in the place of transmitting the information, describe the being to the one.  If the pictures is what they want you to see and not to hear the words, worry not of that.  Give what information stirs within your heart.  Translate or transmit the picture. Often times the being, or the guide as you call them, would use firstly use pictures in order to translate the understanding forgetting about you being in between. In time, this will ease and in time you will feel that information will flow.  Remember it is not for you to judge the information. Often times your conscious mind is trying to put it in place and how it fits. Not yours, blessed one, just give the words.  If the being you speak it to is unsure of the information do not worry of this either.  Just say this is what is being said, it is for them and not for you.  And trust, blessed one, for you are a child of light.

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  1. Scooterish April 20, 2012 at 9:48 am - Reply

    Very helpful. Thank you so much!

  2. Elizabeth April 24, 2012 at 3:02 pm - Reply

    Oh I must comment on this one! I’m often asked to give readings, have been doing this for about 15 years. Its interesting isn’t it? I also see spirits and they just semmed to be there so I just describe that, I also describe the feelings I get from that spirit. I get information in many different ways, sometimes clear pictures of say the inside of the stomach, or the face of a child. Other times a pain in a certain part of my body, other times is like a complete book downloads in a second which I just start talking until all information is out, that’s a good one too because when they ask a question I just ‘search’ for the answer in the book.

    What I’m wanting to say to Scooterish is that there seem to be many ways that information can be received, I’m constantly discovering new ones. However the only obstacle I have encountered is the non-judgement or sifting that our mind tends to do, once you are over that then readings become magical. I must tell you that the nerves decrease as time goes by.
    Funny that the most difficult readings are the ones I try to do for myself!… That’s when I come here! Hehehehe.
    Kiss kiss

    • Scooterish April 25, 2012 at 11:36 am - Reply

      Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your insight. I get so nervous that I want to cancel appointments! But I don’t, and when it comes down to it, at the moment, all goes fairly well. But the lead up to…..sheesh! I do get things for myself, though, but not the detail I can get from here. However, I think I know in my heart all the answers for myself. Just want confirmation mostly. Have a great day!

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