My daughter passed away about a year and a half ago.  I would like to know why she chose to pass away at that particular time.


This blessed being, dearest one, was not going to have your typical long path.  There were other opportunities, as you very well know, when this one could have chosen to leave, but did not.  This opportunity, though you may think was not for the right one,  but she had crossed over and seen the great peace and she had been through quite a bit of turmoil, even though you think things were starting to settle down and  become much more happy in her life. She felt very, very confined and wanted to move forward quickly with some very amazing things.

Dearest one, it might be difficult for you to understand, but this being has not left you and is very, very close to you.  She is working with you and will more so in time when you are not so tender and when it is not so difficult for you.  You are a very intuitive being and you know that you can take on that that is ahead of you.  Bless you my child.