Information about a daughter who committed suicide

Toresa writes, “My daughter Shelley committed suicide in December, 2009, a shocker for the whole family.  At 47, her life was difficult and she had depression big time.  Was she ill?  I sense she had cancer and kept it from us.  She has appeared to me several times, talking to me and I saw seen some of her passage.  She was a double pisces and had retrograde Neptune, Pluto and Uranus acting up big time, as she felt she was going crazy.  My heart just aches with sorrow and my heart has accepted her passing, but my head just whirls with questions as I sense I could have listened more to her, as she did drop clues.

Dear blessed one, it is true, this being is trying to communicate with you to truly ask for your forgiveness for the pain created and also her thanks for all of the amazing gifts you have given her.  But at the time she thought this was the only route, the only way to move forward.  In spirit, she now realizes that  moving forward was to finish that that was and shall be again.  There is no end, no beginning, but a constant moving forward.

You blessed one, must ask the questions, for I am in great belief that you need to express your whole loss out loud and trust that she will hear you and she will again unite your love.  These bonds were not destroyed by leaving the physical domain, but in fact become stronger.   It is why now you feel completely without all of the nonsense of the physical world getting in the way,  expectations and limitations.  You are free to speak wholly of your heart.

Forgive yourself although there is nothing to forgive.  Love yourself my dear.  Know that you did everything you could and this is known by your child.  It was not your doing.  She was in a place where she felt there was no other choice.  Is that an illness, or a confession?  Your world has many words for things.  I want you to believe that where she dwells there is only love.  She dwells in a place of healing and love.  You do too.  It is a matter of different vibrations.  You are one with this being.  Speak with your heart and carry on in the amazing way that you do. For you are an amazing being.  You have many gifts to give others.  Trust in this my dear.   I know you are in pain.  Pain teaches, so listen to it.  Allow the love to grow stronger and brighter to help others.

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  1. Krista July 16, 2010 at 12:37 am - Reply

    I lost my best friend a month ago, when she was brutally murdered. My best friend, Julie was like my sister and I feel lost without her. The feelings I have are so confusing and are continually changing. I pray that she is in a better place but at times I feel selfish for feeling her spirit with me. I want to know she’s ok and I hope she knows how much she meant to me. She’ll always be my best friend and my other half, I just don’t know what to do without her guidance and support. Please I need to know if she understands how much i love and miss her?

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