How to have an effect in our world today

H writes, “At the June 11th event at the Belfry, the Guide who called himself Frank talked of what sounded like a “call to action” for the ancients.  Can you give more information about that?”

That blessed being was just trying to pull the energies of these beings that have lived many, many lifetimes (that are now in great stages, great wonders and teach and give wisdom but only when asked) to come forward without being asked.  Perhaps being asked by spirit might help to speak your truth.  To say what should or should not be done.  To have an opinion, not a judgment, an opinion.  To not make rules, but make openings. In your everyday life, in any moment where you have an opportunity to speak of who you be.

Ancient ones have walked it, have been it and so are the greatest teachers for they have lived it.  This is what is needed.  This is not a time of rules and regulations and books of how to.  It is time to follow a leader.  That is what is asked of you.

Do you mean that the ancient ones be leaders for the rest of the world and how to live? Many people seem reluctant to do that.

Yes, for in their wisdom they also have knowledge of persecution. There might be some of that. It is time to say this is how I live, this is how I find my truth.  It is not to say that is how you should, or my way is the best way but see how I have walked upon this plane.  You see ancient ones have very little desire to speak this way.  But, it is time.  It is time to stand up and say I have harmed no one. I live a good life. I ask that you see this.

These things are not really celebrated in our world?

It is time.  And it has an effect.  As you have been spoken to many times, if you take care of your small little corner of your world, it affects the whole.  For in an organism as you have seen many times, in many forms in the body, if one cell can begin to heal it can heal the whole being.

It is very difficult times on this planet right now.

Words often get in the way and they have very little to do with the true actions of beings. When beings of light choose to be at peace, it means I walk gentle in my life as I nurture and see and care for all things, follow me.  Some of your greatest teachings have spoken of this, but it is not heard any more. There are many times in the physical world it can go along quite well without too much difficulty, each learning what they need to.  But it is a time right now when there is such two sidedness that almost creates a stalemate, a state of no growth.  And when we want balance we need to bring the two together.  This was asked by the entity who used the name of Frank wanting to reach the common ground.

But he didn’t seem to reach people though.  No one responded to his call, or his topic.

His desire was for them to ask about questions that had to do with others.  I know.  For each at that moment, so much sadness present in your world.  Beings are so very lonely that they feel that there is some sort of task they must do to overcome this.  The secret is that all beings feel lonely.  For when you are separated from Mother Energy you feel a great need to be reunited.  But you can find it in the eyes of others and in the sparkle of light and you can see it in the most beautiful flowers.  That you can be united for there is no loneliness when you feel the passion of a flower.  Yes, it is hard to convey but not impossible.

So if there are many people doing this, will it have an effect?

It is.  Blessed one, you walk in the light.

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