I have a question from Ginger. She says, “I was led here for a purpose and I thank those responsible for doing so since I have just recently asked for help, guidance and teaching for my own growth and evolution. I have so many questions, but the one that should be asked is, what do you want me to know at this point in my journey? I’ve made it to a point where I want to learn how to use my gifts of empathy and clairsentience positively and productively. Up till now, in this life I don’t believe I’ve utilized it in a manner that’s conducive to my personal or spiritual health. It’s time to take my next step because I have a feeling that I will be needing it soon.”

Blessed, blessed woman. You have many abilities, to help. And many times you have helped without realizing how far reaching it went. Know that there are always going to be some trials. But try to always balance them. For you I would say balance is one of the most difficult things—its’ all or nothing. Just BE my dearest one.

You are very wise. You know what is right for you. You have given so much. How does one change that balance and give it back to yourself? Sometimes it’s just by being still. Sometimes it’s just by allowing them to say thank you and just receiving it. Don’t always push it back at them. Be still my blessed one. Receive. You are doing very well. There is a time coming again when you are going to be, as usual, completely immersed in things. Allow this space. Be in peace.

Thank you.