How the death of Cecil the Lion teaches and heals us


How does it make you feel, how will it affect your choices?

My question is about Cecil the lion. The death of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe has us all speaking about trophy hunting this morning. We were discussing how we need to pay attention to hunting in our own backyard. In Canada we currently include hunting of elk, polar bears and grizzly bears and the dentist who killed poor Cecil has also hunted and killed in Alberta and Quebec. Too me it’s absurd and wrong to kill for sport and it seems to me that the simple answer to the great reaction and attention to Cecil is to simply stop hunting. My question is, what can you say to people who feel it is their right or environmentally or economically necessary to hunt animals for nothing more than trophies.

To beings that feel that way what would I say? I would say you are showing your vibrational age my dear. If you have no sense, or feeling, good or bad about this, that’s a very new soul, for you have not grown and learned, you have not felt pain of loss. To all of those that are speaking of this act, they are given an opportunity to speak of their emotions, to feel the pain, past knowledge coming forward. To those that become outraged, it was very recent knowledge. For those that feel just simply disappointed again, ancient knowledge. All in your world of great communication can experience and be offered an opportunity of growth at this, that is what all of you are experiencing – growth. It is up to where you be, how you be. There is no applauding or criticizing. You be one with these beautiful creatures. There are those that speak: why are we not crying about the loss of life – loss of life, human, animal, does it matter? How this makes you feel, how you make your next choices, how you react or relate to the next being in your life, animal or human, then it teaches, then if heals. If more light is shed upon a terrible act it will affect for a while. There are those that will take flowers to say: there I’ve done my healing. There are those that will pick up pen and write; there I’ve done my healing. There are those that will speak it; there I’ve done my healing. There are those that will become violent – that is not healing.

I’ve read a lot of violent comments on the internet about the dentist. People are wanting to hurt him.

Do you know why they speak like this? Because they have had thoughts of hurting others. That does dwell within them if they can exude it at a time like this. It is a place for them to put it down and perhaps learn without having to act on it. Embrace all manner of speak and choose wisely your own. It’s not about the killing of this lion, this lovely little creature that you all have gentle thoughts of, it’s about the element of growth. Do you see, hear it, feel it? Are you one with the lion? Are you one with the one who shot? You get to grow, you get to choose, and you are not alone.

Thank you.

Bless you.



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