LaceSo, how do you change that inner voice that talks to you so harshly?  You can begin by whenever you have a thought that you are not that thought.  You are greater than this thought.  If this is a negative or harsh thought towards this thought say out loud “No, this is not who I am. I do not accept this. I am the light of God.  I am exactly what I need to be, a being of light, a precious being of this world that has a place and purpose like all beings do.  What I say and what I do in this world does matter.  It is important.  It is important to me and it is important to this world.”

If you can think of your world as a beautiful lace cloth and every part of it must support another part.  You are all connected, one to another.  One part of the cloth does not judge the other side of it.  You must all be one moving on to each other, to be, to weave the fabric of your world.  And the fabric of your world must each have individuals within it.

Oh my dear, what kind of world would it be if you were all identical?  You all would be so bored.  You are as different as spices that are different in a wonderful soup.

You have time yet to come to heal all parts of you, take one at a time.  Bless you, my dear.