How are we doing here on earth?

This question is taken from our recent “Evening in the Circle with the Spirit Guides event.”  We’ll be posting parts of this here from time to time.

JOANNA: I wanted to start with a  question that has been on people’s minds right now with recent events that have taken place in Japan and the middle east…

GUIDE: Oh, just a simple question, eh?

JOANNA: Well, yes. I guess the question is “how are we doing here on earth”…. Just a simple question.


You do dwell in a time of great chaos.  You know that this is referred to by many as the overturn of souls.  A large number  of very bright and shiny new ones and a large number of very evolved beings.  This does create chaos.  But much of the earthquake and these situations that now occur is a natural performance of the physical dimension to create growth.   Your earthquakes as you call them, your great planet stretches and moves.  Would you not allow any old being the same?  This being has supported you through all your growth; it was created for you, for your growth.  So she will shift and move, and it will create growth for you.

Growth, learning, that’s what your planet, your world is about.  To learn.  To learn, to grow.  Why?  Why, you ask?  I hear this so often. To rejoin you must be whole, balanced and complete.  You are fractures of the wonderful energy, and you grow through that that you do, your choices, your movement, your learning.

It is true that every element, every choice that you make, has a vibrational amount that quickens your energy.  It even has an equation if you are into mathematics.

There are physical, vibrational… well, you know you have DNA; you have a very similar vibrational code.  It is the sum total of all you have learned.  And so an earthquake might create for you great growth, movement.  Whether you be in the time of it or at a distance, to see, to watch, to help through other ways.  All things, all choices are about growth.  Your world is about growth.

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