He Did His Best

As I would go out for my annual Christmas Eve walk, that I have done, well, a long time, in the early days my guide would tell me the story of Christmas. I realized even at that time that not all people experienced such an amazing ‘Being” with them. So, I would steal away and then I could be alone with him.

Tonight, as I walk, I search for understanding.

My beautiful guide spoke this to me:

Think of him for whom you celebrate.
A man of flesh.
He came to be.
He came to teach.
He came to heal.
He came to love.
He did his best, it was good enough.
He often didn’t understand.
He often was sad.
He felt the pain.
He did his best, it was good enough.
He’s never left.

Do your best, it is good enough.

To all of you, may this time be kind to you and to your loved ones. Let’s help each other to do our best.

I love you all.



Photo (with thanks) by Josh Hild on Unsplash

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