Growth for yourself and helping others

Robert says he feels that his past life has much to do with his life now. He says, “I was hoping you might have some advice on what I have come here to do this time around. Is there any talent I could be using to help others or have I come to focus on my own growth and healing?


These things are one and the same, dearest one. Your own growth is what every being must attend to and complete the promises they have come will always will surface and often in experiencing your own growth you will be teaching others this way.

I know what he speaks of. In your world right now it is thought that you are only worthy if you are giving and loving and helping others grow and heal. That this paying attention to your own growth is somewhat selfish. Oh, how wrong that is! To honour the opportunity to be in the physical world is to honour your own being, and thus others. An evolved being will understand this. A new soul, often in a state of exuberance might see self-aware and only self-aware. But this teaches as well. Perhaps not that soul, but others. Robert must heal his own being. And in that he will then have the ability to see others and by help by teaching. Yes.

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