Go wherever your heart draws you

KR writes:

I am so curious about my ties to KH what can you tell me about her and I please, I think we are both excited and eager to learn more. Also, with that question, (as she lives across the sea) I am planning some travelling adventures . Are there any specific areas, countries, cities, towns, villages, cemeteries, cathedrals, lakes, oceans, deserts, any places or corners of the world that you would suggest specifically that I would enjoy. Many many places call to me. Much love and gratitude for your guidance.

The guide’s response:

You have known this being before.  You have been in very complicated relations with this one, nothing easy.  But then you don’t like to take the easy route, dear–you like to stand in the mud to understand how cold and uncomfortable it is.  As to where you go, blessed one, wherever your heart draws you.  Seek it not always about work, about growing, but understand that growth occurs even if the pursuit is for just bliss.  Trust my child.


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