Jane asks about the painting she has begun to do through art therapy. She is passionate about this painting and would like it to be her life’s work. She wants to know if she will sell her paintings and be able to make a wonderful living from them.

That is a very interesting question. She seeks permission to be filled with light and love. She seeks permission to find a way in the world for the world to support her and her it, in something she loves and enjoys. She seeks it from….me?

I don’t know if it is permission she is asking for….

I am telling you, it is. She wants to know if she can make money this way. She is asking permission. Permission to release herself from other things that she has done for a long time that do not bring her joy. She has lived under the regulations of other beings for a long time and wants to stand strong and radiant under her own.

This world has many demands. If she feels she must meet all of those demands, she will have a great struggle in doing this. If she chooses to answer to her own needs, her own demands, and love her being in the radiant light, as she has loved those she has helped, then yes it is very possible she can be this. But, she must give herself permission. She must reach down deep inside herself, hear all of the old rules and regulations that she has been under a long time, and blow them to the dust, to the wind–and stand tall.

No matter what you do, Jane, please, do not stop. For this is your voice, your music to the world. Bless you my child.