Freedom and free will is at hand!


We are told and learn from childhood that it is often self centered or selfish to think of our own being.  How does this belief connect if we are wanting to BE the light that we are?

Many ancient beliefs have given this belief to you.  It has nothing to do with the true spiritual growth of who you be. Your society is at a time right now where the old religions, the old ways, are fighting desperately to stay but they are losing ground for they no longer bring the truth. These old ways will no longer condemn beings to a life of feeling guilty.  Freedom, free will is at hand.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of what we call the Overturn of Souls. It is the time in which you live now.  It has happened many times in the physical world. It is a precipice in which great change can occur.  The great numbers of new souls arrive and a great deal of the middle aged souls become evolved, enlightened and move into a realm of older beings, vibrations higher.

Middle aged souls are wonderful politicians and are great teachers. They love to stand and teach and talk.  They love to show the way.  Right now you have very few middle aged souls. That is why many have been asked, of the ancient ones, to move forward, to step up, to speak again to teach these very new souls that have very little compassion, very little empathy. The new souls are willing to stomp through the world in their blessed ways, feeling little and growing less.

So, do we need to teach the younger souls, how do we do that, individually by one on one?

Absolutely.  It takes one on one.  It takes strength to stand up and say this is how I believe.  Ancient ones believe that all beings will take their time to find their way. But their way may take a great deal of time when there are very few teachers at hand.  And, in that time, wars, fighting, a great deal of negativity can arise creating a certain element of chance.  Chance, is an energy formed when large groups gather with one directive.  It can be positive and it can be negative. Know this.

Do  you have any advice for us individually how we can progress, how we can help?

Yes.  Evolved beings want to walk gently, to not disturb, that want to give only love and gentle thoughts.  Evolved beings need to find the words to speak your truth, to say what you must live and be and do it and be it.  It is not a time to be your truth on only one day.  It is every day you must be who you are and allow those beings close and far to you, young and old, to know that they are not alone, that there is love and there is always a healing way to every difficulty.

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