Feelings as keys to past life connections

The Thinker writes:

Please can you tell me about my past life connection with L and B. Were they platonic or romantic, friends or family, negative or positive and did we make any promises which are yet to be fulfilled in this life? I have been told that I belong to the same soul group as L! Is this true as I don’t think he recognises any ‘past knowing’? I appreciate any insight you can offer, with Thanks.


The guide’s response:

Dearest, dearest one, you might feel like you are grasping, trying to grab knowledge and understanding.  But you are feeling very lost and you often do not feel you belong anywhere, never mind your soul group. Trying on different understandings and different belief systems is part of the physical world.  Know that to take from it that which fits for you is right. And it is also right to leave behind what doesn’t fit, to leave it for those who spoke or for others to use.

These beings are in your life, or in your path, for a reason.  Try not to unlock that reason through your will or desire but by allowing it to be.  If you feel a strong love or a fear, put your whole presence of understanding within that in your body.  Use your body as your screen to see why this feeling is present.  Yes, there are promises at hand and that is why you draw from these other elements to understand it.  But let those understandings be at peace, and stand within the feelings that your body is presenting for you.  Allow it and do not diagnose it.  Allow it.  Allow that feeling to run through you and talk to you. If it is love, it is love.  If it is fear, then it is a holding back of love. If it is confusion, you need to be seen.   Just let it be you who desires what it is.

There are amazing entities of love that surround you my dear, each trying to tell you that the teacher lies within.  Every time you seek to find that blessed teacher you will feel as if segregated again. Know that that voice of light and love within you is a good being. You are in a time of great growth.  You will often feel that the answers will not come from outside you.  They will come from your own growth dear.  Be in the light.

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  1. The Thinker March 4, 2011 at 12:57 pm - Reply

    Thank you guides and ladies for the response to my question. I truly appreciate it x. Please can I ask when the guides refer to ‘entities’… do they mean those in spirit, and not people in the physical world?

  2. Joanna March 4, 2011 at 4:10 pm - Reply

    Hi there Thinker.
    It can be confusing when the guides use the word “entities” as it can sometimes mean people and sometimes mean those in spirit. Reading over this answer I would think that they’re referring to spirit guides here. Hope this helps.

  3. The thinker March 5, 2011 at 12:10 am - Reply

    Thank you Joanna.

  4. The Thinker March 16, 2011 at 10:54 am - Reply

    Dear Guides

    In response to my previous posts you’ve said that I sometimes feel very lost, unhappy and that I feel that I do not belong anywhere…. and this is true. Why do I feel this way, and find it so difficult to ‘be’ and know ‘who I am’? I feel a fraud within my own skin and that I wear so many faces with different company, yet I am not sure which one is truly ME. Plus I constantly worry about being betrayed by the few friends I have.

    You recently said ‘Every time you seek to find that blessed teacher you will feel as if segregated again. Know that that voice of light and love within you is a good being’…. Please can you explain further as I don’t fully understand.

    Also please can you tell me is my son happy and does he know how loved he is? He is very sensitive and caring and says he has an invisible friend called ‘Harry’. I wonder if in fact ‘Harry’ is a child in spirit, and if so I hope he has found the light.

    Thank you for all of your guidance and advice, with Thanks x

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