Feeling uncomfortable around some people who are mentally handicapped

Andrea asked about an experience she has had that is confusing for her. When she was younger she would sometimes see a person at a shopping mall or supermarket that would make her feel very uncomfortable in the solar plexus area. Later she learned that one of the men who made her feel uncomfortable had some sort of mental handicap. Recently she felt the same thing when she met eyes with a young man at a store. She says, “I was shocked to feel so uncomfortable by looking into his eyes, and a few seconds later realized that he too seemed to have some sort of mental handicap.

I also have to say that I regret to use the term “handicap” as I know we are all one and this is just a different way for the soul to express itself. I also have been in contact with many people of different mental levels (at least to the outside world) and have not had the same reaction.Is there any information you could share that would help me to understand what these feelings are and how to protect myself from them–if I need to at all.”

This dear being is in fear, and it is because of an incomplete promise from a previous lifetime. This one was hospitalized in an institution in that lifetime. At that time it was quite acceptable that many of these…. Well, you might see a being that you would think of as having mental retardation, yet these are almost always very evolved beings. A very evolved spirit often chooses one of their last lessons to be in this form, for they teach of love and acceptance, and non-judgment. It is one of the greatest lessons, and one of the highest evolutionary things.

So, this dear one is also seeing a very evolved being in a body that can’t always speak it. But, mostly she is remembering an experience of being in this place. Where she herself did not have difficulty thinking and being, but had been put in this institution because of a lack of a place to be. Her family had been wiped out by cholera, and she was placed in this home. And it was very frightening. And so, I’m sorry, perhaps she does not want to know about this past experience, but many fears and difficulties come from these places. She can heal this now by simply embracing her fear, and not to being afraid of it, and understanding that she is completely human, and had a very terrifying time at a young, young age. Dear one, see this fear, and know that it will not ever be repeated. That these blessed beings have come to learn, to grow, just as you have.

To embrace the fear, and not be afraid, so just not to be afraid of the fear itself?

That’s what she fears more than anything. She would never harm anyone; she would never run away or hurt anyone’s feelings. She, in fact, is so kind and gentle that she would never ever, for she is afraid of her own feelings, she is afraid of her own discomfort in this presence. Tell her to, well, to love the fact that she is fearful for it means that she has grown, and that she has moved forward.

Thank you.

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  1. Hannah July 16, 2008 at 9:47 am - Reply

    Hi there,I would like to ask about my relationship with my ex-boyfriend Adam. We had a very painful breakup last year, and I am finding myself dreaming of him constantly. I am worried about him, and wonder if I am meant to move on, or if I have unfinished business with him.Thank you very much.

  2. Jessica July 16, 2008 at 1:29 pm - Reply

    I would love to know if there really are such things as faeries?

  3. Anonymous October 3, 2009 at 1:48 am - Reply

    hello there its robert,i was wondering about this karma thing?there are so many different opinions it would leave you dizzzy!i understand we should always treat others the way we wish to be treated ourselves and what goes around comes around and so on but it would be nice to get get advice on this subject from such a wise spirit!and also if this has any meaning how can i balance my own relationships with people i may have hurt in the past?

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