Feeling too old for a new love

Purple Passion Flower writes, “I feel a soul connection with someone I work with but there is a vast age difference and verbally they have said they aren’t interested in me but their body language and eyes speak volumes in the opposite direction. Is this person from a past life and what was the connection then? Is there a chance that something wonderful could come of this, and if so when? If not, how do I move forward?

I also am separated from my spouse and don’t know whether I should return for their sake or my own. That was a cold and somewhat abusive and neglectful marriage but I don’t know if this person has changed though they say they have. I am getting old and fear I will never find true love. Is it possible for me or too late? If it’s not too late will it be soon because I am so weary and lonely for a solid, romantic, long-lasting relationship.”

Oh dear, so many things you ask.  Some of the questions are not ones I wish to address.  Dearest one, firstly, what is old?  It is a state of mind, not yours.  This being that you are having this amazing, wondrous, joyful flirtation with is physical. It is an awakening to tell you that you are not old. It, perhaps, is not one that you would want to last a long time anyway.  But be joyful in this. Don’t be afraid.  It does not mean it needs to go anywhere, but just be an awakening.

To return to that that was that took such difficulty for you to leave, would be going backwards. And for you that choice was not an easy one, so why would you return for a fear of being old?  So, firstly dearest one, address old.  What is it? You are asking a question of one who is many thousands of years old and yet I have no sense of this word for it is a limiting word, a judging word. It means something that has passed its newness and that cannot happen in spirit.  The reflection of your energy that flows through your physical creation, otherwise known as your body, is useful.  Will you have a love that you need? Yes, if you make a place for it in your life.  You are very busy.  You are busy in every way.  You do not like too much time alone yet you need to feel it.  Your wisdom is quite comfortable in being alone. So do not fear it is some terrible thing.  Welcome it.  All things are in place in your life.  For that that you resist, will keep coming up, you will trip over it.  It will bonk you on the head.  Your place, your path, your growth, has been magnificent.  You shall have what you desire, my dearest.

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  1. Pam September 10, 2010 at 6:27 pm - Reply

    This past year I have started communicating with animals. I’m an astrologer, coach and dowser. However, communicating with animals just makes my heart sing. Sometimes I question if the information I am receiving is really coming from the animal that I am either talking to remotely or in person. However, I trust what comes to me and always tell the owners everything I hear/intuit.

    My question for you is “Am I really receiving this information from the animal?” And have all the other things…feng shui, astrology and dowsing led me to this new work that I am doing?
    Gracias, terimakasih and thank you!

  2. Almandine September 18, 2010 at 6:01 am - Reply

    Thank you Joanna,Jane and Spirit Guides for answering my question on August 25th about Polygamy, Life Partners. But I still am a little unclear…

    Ok, bear with me as this will be complicated to answer as well. First all, I realize that there is no “better”, that there is truly no “right” or “wrong” as we are all at different stages of growth and we do what works for our own selves. But I believe that, just as an organic tomato might logically be a tomato in it’s “highest” form, then what of sex? The pesticide laden tomato may be just what the hungry person who can’t afford organic needs at the time and is not exactly better, but would it not be best if the person had the MEANS to buy the organic tomato, that he or she should do it? Maybe that is not the best analogy and just confusing…

    Yes, I know that some beings are at a stage of growth where open relationships might work best for them, but would you say sex is at it’s highest form when with one other person IF those people do not feel forced to commit, if other promises have
    been fulfilled? Or perhaps not needing sex at all, if one is READY.

    Sex is draining of the energy,isn’t it a more enlightened show of love and devotion to abstain from sex, if you are READY, and be great friends instead with all the people you might choose to have sex with in an open relationship? Is it not at it’s very best when it is with one other person, if that person wants to be with just one person? Rather than sex between those that want to
    have open relationships?

    Answer me this…Must all things be grey with you guys?(not J&J, I’m referring to the guides) Can’t some things in this world be black/white if there is space allowed for people to grow gently as needed; like there is always a highest vibration, yet other vibrations are not lesser and beings should not be pushed to raise their vibrations unless ready? Yet, is there not a higher vibration still, when it comes to that?

    Oh, I know you say I am judgmental and like to pigeonhole, that I need to chill out, but isn’t it just a given that sex is in it’s “highest” form when shared by two people that are comfortable with being with only each other?

    Blessings and forgive me if I am sounding brash, it is not my intention to be rude! But I need to know. Thank you! Love and Light!!!

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