Gail asks about feeling tired and blocked at every turn. She says, “It seems there is too much work and too little day. I’m depressed, don’t want to talk, and wonder what is the use of anything at all.

Oh blessed one. Be still. Know in your heart, the centre of your being, you are a bright light. You have such deep compassion and love. You are feeling right now that you do not have the ability to make choices. That is what overwhelms you. But you can. Firstly you need to make a change. Go for a walk, see the world again, envision yourself out amongst others, talking and laughing and touching the lives of others. You are very overwhelmed by many who are making choices for you—and you not realizing what you have chosen.

Are you unwell? You often think you are because you are so exhausted. It is true that there are certain hormones in your body right now circulating that cause you to feel somewhat exhausted and thinking somewhat irrationally. But you are not so ill that you cannot go and get help. Talk to someone. Share with them your feelings. You are certainly not alone, and have a most radiant light. You have such ability to help others. And perhaps by understanding your ability to help others you can help yourself.

You know for sure that if someone came to you and spoke of having feelings like this you would instantly extend a hand to them. Give this hand to yourself. Go out and speak to someone outside of your life and they will help you. Trust in this my blessed one. You are not alone. The entities around you are trying to remind you of the light that you are. And you have so much to give. And you are so needed in your world.

When you say “go out and talk to someone” do you mean someone who is not just a friend or a relative but go and speak to a counselor, you mean?

It can just be a friend, but someone outside of your immediate family. A friend that will help to see you, help you to actually see yourself.

OK, I’ll tell her that. She sounds very lost right now.

She is not. She is not alone. And if she truly stops for a moment she’ll start to see many things that she might call coincidences that are starting to line up. There will be books all of a sudden at her fingertips. There will be a page catching her eye, a line, some information that will stick out. There is all sorts of information at her fingertips right now calling to her. There are beings all around her truly trying to communicate.

Be still and listen to the wonder. And it will be loving, it will not be detrimental, it will not be negative. It will be all loving. Follow this love and you will find yourself happy again.

Thank you, I’ll pass this on to her.

When the guides refer to “entities” they usually mean entities is spirit rather than people in bodies. What this means Gail is that you have many, many spirit guides who are with you and extending love and help. Do pay attention to coincidences and follow your heart.