Gail says, “I am lost…can you help get me pointed in the right direction? No joy, no ambition.

Let the dust settle, dear. You haven’t given yourself enough time.  Great changes have taken place. Structure has diminished, freedom has opened up and yet it feels like a burden to you. You feel that you must fill it with something.  
Now you are needing time to walk, to smell, stretch and see.  You have moved forward farther than you believe.  It often is a great voice when one soul needs to find its place of growth. You have grown a great deal and it is just putting it all in place now that you feel this itchiness to do something, and yet you don’t want to do anything.  Always in the matter of life before you step into the next rung, there is a sense of wondering if it will be there?  Trust, my dear. You are not lost, just getting comfortable with the new you.  Life never stays the same for any length of time.  Rejoice in that and celebrate. Everything can be new and exciting in an instant.