Feeling isolated

A person calling them self LMariutti wants to know if people are avoiding them or hurting them on purpose or whether it’s a kind of paranoia. This person says, “friends ask you out just when others are not available, and when you need them they just disappear, or people advise your to do something and then they do the opposite so you look bad.” This person doesn’t know what to believe about their friends.

Oh blessed one, you feel so very alone. It has been a difficult path for you are often feeling like you are cut adrift in a world where there doesn’t seem to be a kind being to be with you. This is not so dearest one, but at this time you need to understand why you are feeling so very alone. Why you are feeling that there is judgment of you. Sometimes, and in your choice, you came in to a group of beings that are not truly of the vibrational state you are at. It does not mean they are less than or greater than. But it causes you to feel somewhat not connected with them. Be patient, there are beings that shall be very soon very close to you. Ask not that they like you, but be that that you are, full of joy, a lovely, likable being.

Dearest, dearest one, this state of loneliness, this feeling that others are speaking or judging of you isn’t truth. It is just a concept that you have adopted in trying to understand your evolved being in a place that doesn’t seem to fit. Be patient, take deep breaths, read as much as you can. Gather the information. You have much you are going to do yet in this physical world. This is a small time of just simply finding the place that is the most comforting for you. You are truly a being of light. Worry not as to what others thing, but think of who you are truly. Be that that you, and thus ask for that that you need—security, love, and it shall be there.

Thank you.

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