Feeling deserving of love

Donna writes that many years ago one of her guides told her that a wonderful man is yet to come to be with her and that they would sail together. She says she sometimes walks along the docks where sailboats are moored and feels lifted by being near the water. Can you please provide some further guidance on this as she has been waiting a long time. She asks if his wonderful being is still on her path and will the timing be soon?

Dearest one, you do walk in the light with care and love for all manner of beings. Yes, you will still meet this being. You have from time to time wanted and then not wanted. You have pulled back and forth because you were healing your being and how you needed to be. You are very ready now. I know you believe we guides do not have an understanding of time, but we do have an understanding of promises. And you have a promise with this being. You do not understand this completely, but you are afraid to meet this one. You are afraid there is something you will do or cause it to become chaotic.

This will not be the case. I would like to tell you the time and place, but that would take from your growth. It will take from your seeking and your asking and that is an important part of your growth. Your woes were very long and you didn’t want to ask of yourself. Often in your humility and in your grace, you put other people’s needs first. Tell her that she has had an understanding that for some reason that her guides are busy with someone else. But know that she is of are utmost importance to them, for as she grows they grow.

Tell her this with great clarity. Ask and you shall receive. Your heaven is at your fingertips. You need to ask for it. You have deep love. Bathe your being in this. Yes, my dear he is coming. You see love all around you, you needn’t feel that you cannot or don’t deserve it.

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  1. Positive-Energy February 23, 2009 at 12:57 pm - Reply

    I am thinking about retirement and selling my home. Do you feel that this is the right time for me, or should I wait for a few more years.

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