Feeling a connection to a daughter yet to be

Gabrielle Rose writes:

I keep feeling like I am connected to a soul that wants to come in as my child. I can feel her energy and she is so light and happy, she has even named herself — a name I would never choose but it’s her. She makes me smile every time I feel her or sense her around me. Is this so? Am I really connecting with a soul that is coming to be my daughter?

The guide responds:

It is true this being is very present with you.  As to being your daughter, my dearest, you must understand that the sex of a body is determined in the physical world and not in the spirit.  That who you see and dance and joy with is in truth the being of who this one was when you were together before.  As to the actual sex of this being, it is not known yet.  But trust that this one does want to be with you.  The possibility must be present in the physical domain for this opening to occur, of course.  But should this occur, it will happen.  But do not expect this being to look exactly as it did, just know that this beautiful light is present.

And I must say I say, you are doing beautifully.   You are open and very much a wise being.  You’ve had sadness and felt very lonely.  You do see the wonder in your life.  You see the wonder of growth that is at hand.

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  1. nighthawkcof November 20, 2010 at 10:50 pm - Reply

    Not sure how to put this.. I am thinking about putting a question on the blog but I am not sure I should.
    My main problem in the last while has been that I actually feel what she feels.. like if she is upset.. I feel it. I know I do that with other people too but not to the degree it has been here. I am kind of getting the feeling I may be an empath and just want to know if that is the case. I would help a lot and would explain a lot of things in my life.

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