Tyler responded to a previous message from one of the guides.  He says, “I have a clearer understanding now as far as trusting in my own wisdom and accepting,  as well as engaging more into the physical realm, but I’d like clarification on skipping from physical dimensions. It still doesn`t make sense.”

Dearest, dearest Tyler.  Some beings such as your self, very evolved beings, have experienced other dimensions.  In other words, other physical worlds besides this one–also created for growth.  Because this is part of your being, your repertoire, it is not a surprising that you have taken time to explore some of these.  No harm is done for you are truly anchored in this world even though you are often uncomfortable with it,  Dearest one, try instead of going to those dimensions, to stay, to feel your pain.  Find words for your pain.  Do not mask it or hide it by going to other dimensions.  Be present, dearest one, for you have come for a very large purpose.  You are a very creative being and you stifle this creativity of words about not being able to, or limiting yourself in some way.  Release yourself from your own prison, blessed one, and dance in the light of who you are in this dimension.  Fear not, there is no harm done.  To understand you do choose it.