Barbara writes:

I feel that I have met the man that I am supposed to be with. I believe that the universe has brought us together. There is a beautiful chemistry and connection between us. I do get the sense that he wants to be with me but seems afraid of a commitment. We could have a wonderful life together and I am ready to share mine with him. Do you see where this might work for us? We are friends and are in communication. I have given much thought to the idea that perhaps there is a lesson in this for me, to learn to be more patient. I am more than willing to be patient and wait if this can turn into a relationship. I have put a lot of prayers’ out to the universe to find this soul. He is in my thoughts much of my day.

The guide’s response:

You say, blessed one, that he is in your thoughts.  And you wonder if this is your imagination. You question:  Is it real?  Can it be?  Shall I be with this being?  The depth of your loneliness has been great, blessed one.  But at this time have no expectatioins.  Enjoy the friendship.

You’ve often said it, and it is true, that you can be your own worst enemy.  Do not set up rules and regulations where they do not exist.  Do not constantly test yourself.  Instead of the great questions, just be, blessed one. When you are with this one, open your heart and allow the energies to flow through, to surround him.  Use not words; manifest in your thoughts the visualization of bringing the light and the love of the universe to surround this one.  And bask in it yourself.  Fill it not with want or need, but light and love.

Your path is filled with many opportunities—to learn.  That is the purpose.  So stand and seek what it is perhaps he teaches you, and what it is perhaps you teach him.  Be still in your love and your light—and allow room for growth. Too often, blessed one, expectations are like iron bars.  Melt these bars around this one.  Touch this being you care so deeply for.  Allow the energy of who you be to touch him.  Speak not of need, but of shared joy, of seeking what is created between the two.  For two beings when  meant to be together create an energy that they can only find between the two of them. Nourish this energy, bring to it only the best of you.  And see what occurs.  Bless you my child.