RGP asks about people who seem to have no empathy for others.  She says, “I have always thought of them as uncaring, while now I am wondering if they are simply more “advanced” spiritually. That seems to contradict what you would think spirituality to be, but, maybe they see the bigger picture–that death is simply a transition? That misfortunes are simply opportunities? I, being an empath have started to view things so differently, I am able to feel somewhat less attached to others fears and emotions  than I once was, I seem to perceive more of the spiritual side as opposed to the human side  now. Could you give me some insight into these new views or questions that I have?  Thanks!

Blessed one, there are no separate sides, there is only one.  What you are understanding now is that you have taken a great step: maturation of the soul, evolution of the being.  Your energy, your spirit, your soul has shifted to a vibrational state in which there is more clarity.  In which the understanding that there be a reason, a purpose, an opportunity for growth.  It does not mean that you do not have compassion. It is not an excuse to not care.  But your love in the greatest sense is that all beings must do that they have come to do.  That you are responsible for your actions and they must be for theirs to the highest of your vibrational state.  It is not that some care less and some care more.  It is that they   be where they be in their evolution.

Do not judge them, greater or lesser. Let them be. Let the air be around them to breathe and support their paths, as you in yours.   You cannot take steps backward.  You must be and feel and see your world as it is for you.  That is what knowing your truth is my child.  Judge not yourself by anyone else’s  standard but by your own.  For you know within what is right for you.  Sometimes you judge others too harshly.  But even at this state you are moving forward–and beautifully.  I have great love for you my child.