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AJ – I was wondering if and how my past life experiences are influencing me (and my emotional state) in my current life.  Thank-you!

This blessed being understands all that you have experienced in previous lifetimes, are present in where you be now. They are within your vibrational code, or your state of being and often it occurs, that there are certain keys, or issues that will bring forward both the memory, but not always, but always a sense of knowing that there is something within it that needs yet to be learned.  Your state of angst, it is true, my dear, comes partially from there and from that that you now be present in.  Because a promise, or a learning task is at hand, I cannot give you the whole of that that occurred.   I will tell you, my dear, that you were then, in the past experience, unable to make a choice.  You were a prisoner who was abused severely.

And so, a part of you very much might want to run away to escape, but that isn’t the issue of learning.  So, when you feel this angst you must take a deep breath, find a state of calmness within you, a state of knowing that you have all that you need to learn and to proceed through this that you are in now.  You will never let another being control you again. You will identify it immediately when another tries to.  But that doesn’t mean you fight against them but stand strong in who you be.  Let them allow themselves to work out what they need to, and you yours.  I think you will do well, my dear.  Trust that you have all that you need to proceed perfectly.


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