Dream, trust, believe

H writes:

Money is very tight at the moment (as I know is the case for all) and the additional work I have been doing seems to have dried up. What practical things can I do to improve my financial situation, as there is never enough to stretch? I try not to dream of achieving the bigger things, as I realize financially they are not possible right now, but one day will I be independent?  Please can you also tell me, will I soon be able to recognize my own personal connection with the spirit realm?

The guide’s response:

Oh, dearest one, please dream!  For dreams are the creative force.  And truly they help you see what you perhaps want and need and what you should focus towards. Dream, trust, believe.  As to your communication, it already is.  When one is in the depths of great learning, one often will feel unable to communicate with spirit.  It is not that spirit is not with you; but it is a time of learning.  And so you must trust, and call that teacher within to come forth to help you; that part of you that is wise and has all the tools and equipment to learn that that is at hand.

And what is at hand, blessed one?  Learning.  Learning how to put yourself out there.  In the words of your world now, how to advertise who you be, how to put yourself forward in a constructive, positive manner. Speak of what you can do, without conceit or need or whining (for you have an intolerance of those who do such things).  It is not about bragging, it is about being. You know you have great qualities to help others.  I know that a part of you is somewhat shy and feels they should just come to you.  (Well, it will if you believe it will).  So start to put yourself forward in a beautiful light.  At first you might want to offer just your services for attracting, so they see you have the ability.  And then they will need you and you shall have all you need.

Understand that your physical world is a two-sided world, a back and forth, a give and take.  You need to receive; you need to give; and both must be balanced to be fulfilled. You do beautifully, blessed one.  You know you have a true, bright heart.  Give it and you shall receive.


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  1. H November 1, 2011 at 5:58 pm - Reply

    Thank you truly Ladies & Guides x

  2. Elizabeth November 1, 2011 at 9:00 pm - Reply

    Dear Ladies and Guides:
    When I was very young I started looking for Atlantis, however I wasn’t aware that ‘Atlantis’ was its name, but I looked for it on every map I came across thinking that all maps were different. When I realized that the place was known as Atlantis I was able to ask my mother. She told me it was just a legend and that it wouldn’t show on the map, I was very sad and somehow alarmed. I then started remembering Lemuria, I still feel this sadness for it, however not like Atlantis. Could you please tell me what happened to both and my connection to them? Thank you!

  3. cheenu November 2, 2011 at 1:11 pm - Reply

    Hi Guides
    I get a little tensed about handling people’s reaction ..eg what will happen in future if they behave in a wrong way…
    How can i get over this uneasiness…I mean can i use the law of attraction to draw positive poepl around me…?
    Also i heard somewhere that when u start become spiritual, ur friend circle starts changing and you attract same frquency people to you..does that mean i can encounter better loving and understanding people in future?
    I know finally i will have to work upon myself not to think so much about situations and people…but any help will be appreciated.

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