ToolboxWe’ve asked the spirit guides if they can assist us with some “tools” that we can use in our daily lives. Once a week one of the guides will bring forward a message, or a teaching, on this topic.  

We invite you to share our site and the messages of the guides with those you love, in your circle.  Below is an Intro from the guides re the upcoming weekly messages on the “Spiritual Toolbox.”

Being a spiritual being in your world can be very difficult.  “Being” is not about a religion, it is about being and understanding that you are present in the physical world   You have within you all that is necessary to complete and fulfill each of the  promises that you have come forward to do.

All the tools are already in the tool box.  It is seeing them and understanding that in that toolbox dwells every emotion and physical aspect of being in a body, a spirit in body.

So, each spiritual tool box is unique then?

Yes, each being has one.

See you next week for continuation of the “Spiritual Toolbox!”