Chanti asks about someone she met in France and has very strong feelings about.  She wonders if this is the strong, beautiful love that she was told about earlier.  She says it was very hard to leave him and she wonders if she should go back to France.  She would like to but is worried about money.  She says, “I have a dream but I am frustrated because I want it now.  I know I need time and patience.”

The guide’s response

Tell this blessed one that she does very well; that she is growing and learning and understanding.  This is about trusting herself.  She now listens to her being.  She is learning what brings her great joy?  That her whole being is excited by?  And learning to speak of this, now.  To trust, to speak, to be not afraid of feelings that lie within.  It is not a time yet to make plans, but to ask what the needs of others are.

And blessed one, when he asks how you might be doing, then you are to speak honestly from your whole being.  You are learning to trust my dear.  You are learning to be that bright spirit.  Try not to go back to old ways, but follow the passion of who you be, and dance in the joy that is there for you.

I know you ask many questions, but in truth your questions you answer yourself.  You seek the answers from so many places and beings, and then when you receive an answer from within, you doubt it.  Do not doubt any more, blessed one.  Know that those answers that bubble up through your being… by your heart beating or your skin tingling.  These are the answers you need to listen to.

You are developing a form of communication with those beings around you.  You are quieting your conscious mind to hear with your spirit hearing.  You are being still and listening to others, not just their words, but their very presence.  It is all starting to be heard by you now.  Don’t rush it.  Take your time.  You do beautifully, blessed one.

She is worried if she makes the wrong choice and….

Loses this being….  This being is just wondering about her.  And that interaction of growth that occurs between the two will create that that they need.

So she should think about his situation, his need?

Yes.  At the same time thinking about hers in a still way.  Not rushing, not moving too quickly, is important.