Cues to help find the next step

Laurelee asks if she is fulfilling her promises.  She says, “I am concerned that I am not living to my fullest potential. I do not feel I have a full sense of direction in my life. I am stuck. I keep going around in circles with analyzing and sorting what is my next step. I need to know where to focus my attention and please be specific as possible.”


It is interesting to me how this blessed one judges herself as not living to her full potential.  Why?  What are you that you are not being?  And therein lies a choice.  For whom are you limiting who you be?  Have you always lived under the choices of others?  Or, will you choose for yourself to be free and then choose who you wish to be with.  You seek my child, everyone but you.  You walk and in your mind you write books, poems and stories and songs.  But you feel them idle chatter instead of a reality. I am not surprised that you feel that there are two sides to you.  Which side do you step into?  That must be your work, dearest.  How to choose for yourself?  Sometimes we need a few cues.

Let’s begin with your body.  Think of something that you might wish to do.  So, begin with listening to your body.  Sit quietly and listen to your body. Does your heart race?  Do your fingertips tingle?  Does this lower body or abdomen feel tense?  Do you notice a ringing in your ears? This is listening to your body.  It is an amazing tool to help us remember what we need to do, to help us make choices.

Take some time, don’t judge. You are doing and you are being.

Don’t say it is not to your full potential.  Often when you are in the middle of the greatest work, moving in leaps and  bounds vibrationally, you might feel that there is no one, that you are alone or not growing, or even helpless.  Yet this often comes before the greatest knowing.  I cannot say enough to love yourself.  Be still and know this.

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