Creating our universe or being guided by the universe


Sandra Arnold says that lately she’s felt like so many aspects of her life are in the hands of others. She says, “Finances and health being the two that weigh most in my thoughts.  I am trying to understand whether I create my universe or whether I am to be guided by the universe.  Where is the balance point between these two, seemingly conflicting thoughts?  Blessings and gratitude.”

Dear, dear one.  Your feeling of limitations affects your health.  You are feeling that you are bound by all sides; it is hard for you.
You must take action to free yourself.  If not permanently, but for a time to breathe, to understand.  Create for yourself an opening to spend and truly find your truth again.  It is all convoluted in feelings of did I create this, did I want this?  And part of you did, but now it is limiting you.
It is like saying that at one time a pair of shoes was the answer for everything, but after a while they just don’t fit any more and it is time to wear new shoes.  To put on a different understanding. And this is quite alright.  It doesn’t mean you throw out those shoes.  Sometimes you just need to put them aside for a bit, until a new season comes about.
What I say is this: don’t throw it all at this time.  But take time to think.  Release yourself enough to think.  I know you feel the limitations of monetary needs.  But truly your needs are very few my dearest one and you could manage with very little.  You know this about yourself but you wonder if it is true because you have adopted the beliefs of many others.  That is why I say take some time to find out who you are.

Walk barefoot on the sand, or on a mossy green. Be in touch with your world again, taste the rain on your tongue.  See what your world is, how it supports you.  That is what I say to you: take some time to find out who you are.  Then you will know.

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  1. Anonymous January 6, 2010 at 11:18 pm - Reply

    thank you so much. Some of what was said I understand and some of it I am sitting with, open. It became very bizarre today and I feel the need to give a brief bit of the story. I was given a diagnosis of breast cancer Sept 07. I have opted to “treat” it alternatively and by seeing this as an incredible opportunity to grow and learn. It isn’t always easy but in a dream, I saw it this way and I also saw a doctor doing a procedure on me where my body wasn’t mutilated but minuscule samples were removed from my breast and lymph system. Well I found a doctor who does just this! My appointment with him was to be Jan 08. What followed were 2 years of postponements – he had the flu, his mother was in a horrific hurricane accident then died, machines breaking down, and others and then Sunday, he died of lung cancer. I was to go to see his assistant tomorrow morning but it has been postponed – and I understand and yet I don’t. Although I have never physically met this doctor, I feel like we know each other. I have talked to him in dreamtime and Sunday, not knowing he had died, I told him in a dream that I would do my best to be at his funeral if he thought it beneficial. I do not remember an answer. Is there meaning in all of this? I am feeling so sad and also discombobulated – what is this for? What an incredible twist in this story? Please, if there is any guidance to help me learn, or understand, or give, or … Sometimes I wonder if I truly don’t require any surgery. What is it about cancer that someone like him dies and yet I feel fine – or am I fooling myself, am I in denial? He had all the best medical care and I am looking at old emotions, old eating habits, developing spiritually. Oh dear, confusion!Blessings all, Sandra

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