Coping with other people’s energies and judgement

Mary writes:

I have always felt incredibly sensitive to other people’s energies. I feel like I am only now starting to have an understanding and a word for it. I have been overwhelmed in all social situations my whole life. I have had a lot of major life changes in the last few years, and am finding it harder for me not to absorb other people’s stuff. Sometimes it is difficult to look at people with compassion and kindness when you can feel them judging and trying to control you. I had an incredible experience a few months ago where I felt I met (God , Source, Love).  I would really love to bring more of this experience into my life. Is there anything I can do to make it so?

Also one of my family members seems to of stepped over a little bit to far into the world of delusion. Is this in fact so and is there anything at all that the rest of us can do to assist in bringing this person back?

Will I ever be able to go back to the place I lived without feeling sad (Ireland as well)? Will my children both function well after the split of their parent? I feel such sadness and guilt at times especially concerning my son. And finally can I please ask my spirit guides to come closer,with kindness and support and love.

Thank-you, thank-you, for this wonderful service.

The guide’s answer:

Dear, dear one, you’ve had a life where you feel like the world is whizzing around you and you are in the center of it, often feeling quite confused and wanting to attach yourself to someone to ground you.  So, grounding yourself is very important and yet you believe that to seek you must be higher and enlightened and dizzied.  Not so, dearest one.  To find this spirit that lives within all the oneness, the being, you need to perhaps walk barefoot in the grass, in the sand, or in water.  Be in the elements that are created to truly support you, the physical domain.  And, simply be, be one and breathe.  Yes, it is true you are part of all things and this great headiness is truth.

You can feel others’ emotions, and state of being (and fear).  But instead of trying to keep away from them, project into your sphere around yourself and into others the light that  you are.  Create a channel of light down through you head and right down and out through your feet.  And if you want it in the room, direct it out through your heart, or chest as you might think it, and fill the room like a beautiful white light, all around you and around them.  Give them peace and not fear.  For anybody that judges is only fearful.  Understand that they are only fearful and you do not need that, nor do they need it. The other questions we will answer at another time, blessed one.  Start by just bathing yourself in the amazing light and love that is there for you.

Joanna:  Is there anything urgent from the rest that she needs to hear?


The choices that she made, she must know that you can’t carry guilt about them.  Understand that choices create growth and for her this was good.  She was attached to someone who was very controlling and abusive and moving away from that being was very good for her.  She now worries that this has affected her children in such a negative way but, no, by actually teaching them to stand strong and making choices of life and survival she has given them important learning. There will be certain problems but they will have learned and grown, as she did.  She should see them as an opportunity to growth, not as a negative.

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  1. Amelia January 9, 2011 at 1:25 am - Reply

    Dear Guides,
    I feel very scattered career-wise. At the moment I am unemployed and trying to be self employed by offering various services, with little success so far. I have many different talents but nothing seems to go anywhere. I have so many things I am passionate about, too many things, i think. I am wondering what it is I am meant to do? Will I ever be able to support myself through my talents?
    Thank you!

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