Connections with ravens, wolves, whales and other animal spirits

I have a question from KF who says she has a raven close by and intense dreams about wolves. Previously she had a “connection” with whales. She asks, “What (if any) is the significance of these beautiful creatures and myself? Many people speak of their connections with their pets or animals in nature. My friend tells me of many interesting experiences with deer. What is the significance of the deer for him? How can we become more in tune or communicate better with these beloved creatures we have encounters with. People speak of animal guides, could you please tell us about their role. Thank you so very much.”

This gentle being is very evolved. When a being’s vibration is at a state that this one is at communication with all beings is possible. In fact it is impossible not to have it. All manner of beings vibrate at a certain rate that can be heard by her at this time.

The being with the deer (this gentle soul) is very, very kind and of course the vibration relates to this one to move gently, to not affect the world in any way that might harm it, to live in harmony with it.

Many ancient peoples have spoken of having spirit guides, totems, in animal form. Many histories have been written and stories told of the raven and its speaking in languages that were understood by the people. These myths and stories have truth, so the stories were told by ancient highly evolved beings. They used the stories in the same way as many religious books, to tell tales of good and bad, to teach how to be in this physical world.

As to guides, if you are of the human descent, in other words if your spirit is carried by a human body, your guide will have a form that is relevant and has most always lived a human lifetime. You can have the energy of a being that was not of human form be with you to teach you in other ways, but they would never be a spirit guide as we are. They would be a teacher.

I think I understand. The animal could teach them one aspect of something but would not be their guide?

Yes. It is good that there are beings that are touched by all animals. It is good.

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