Computers, the soul and loving oneself

Maria writes:

I have been wondering about computers and technology in general lately. Do computers have a sort of soul, maybe a special type of energy? If so what is it, what does it look like? Does this makes sense? Like is there sacred geometry surrounding them or something? Is technology a good thing? And does “computer” energy surround a guy I know named Paul, who works with technology? Also, random question…Am I too much of an egoist? Am I a selfish person? Like what would you say my biggest faults are?

The Guide’s response:

No dearest, you are not selfish.  You want always to do the right thing. You think a great deal and you are often having heavy thoughts  about many different things and approaches and ways of being.  In fact, you think very little of yourself–and this is what you need to address by loving yourself.

Does the computer have vibrations or a soul?  It has a vibration, of course.  All things are created from vibrating atoms. This in your physical world creates an ever changing course. But soul energy, no.  Soul energy is created only by love, by that source which is a greater source.  The source of the computers is through the physical world.  It has a vibration, a vibration that can adopt the vibration of those that put into it.  Do you understand this? The energy that is put in is the energy that will come out.  If you understand the negative and positive, that that is put into it is that that will come out of it.  Always changing, like a chameleon, never one domain. But with the soul of the being in human form, the domain does not change.  It will have different attitudes or effects upon it, but the truth of the soul will always be, never changing.

The entity of Paul is a delightful being.  Your communication has always been very… I would use the word “heady” in the conscious mind. You want to pull it into a different domain and this is good for you. I would not say how to approach this, but it is good for you go from your head to your heart.  You speak of vibrations of emotions. This is where you are unsure, gentle one.  Be not afraid. You are a beautiful spirit, one who will do many things in your physical world.  The word self often thinks of ego as a negative in your physical world.  See it not as this but positive, self loving.

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  1. PG November 13, 2010 at 1:15 pm - Reply

    I’ve been working on my heart charkra the last couple of months after I could no longer ignore its signs for something to be done. I have been moving forward in a positive direction with this and am encouraged by the growth that I am making and will continue to make with family and friends. In regards to an intimate, personal, love relationship I’m wondering if I will be able to allow myself to open up and committ to a person and allow them in.
    Thank you for your time.

  2. Jennifer November 13, 2010 at 3:47 pm - Reply

    Dearest guides,

    I am having difficulty with the sensitivities that I have. I am especially having trouble interacting with people. I get overwhelmed and I feel like I am sensing their energy and it is very intense. I feel the emotions of others and I find it confusing because sometimes I think their emotions are mine. I have been trying to overcome my social anxiety but it is hard because I think the anxiety is helping me cope with my sensitivities. I don’t feel like I fit very well in society and would love to feel more comfortable. My attempts to reach out to people has been very painful. I was wondering if you have any advise?

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