Choosing what to do next in life

Gail says she has many questions for her spirit guide. Should she retire? Which direction should she take?  Is she in the right place? 

She is exactly where she needs to be—asking questions.  This often is thought of as a way to escape answering anything.  Truth is, she just keeps taking on more and more jobs, and helping people in different ways, and different things.  Yes money is important and she doesn’t know if she has enough.
What to do dearest Gail?  Enjoy. You have worked and helped; you have many good friends; you have family.  You don’t want to invest all your time in your family but they need you a great deal still.  Enjoy.  You very much deserve it.
You will never stop working.  There will always be something you want to do.  See it as that, as a joy and not as work.  And always ask questions.
To be in touch is to have eyes open–feeling, hearing.  Using all the physical tools that this body has afforded you.  Understand that each being has come forward to create their life, their piece of art, their creation.  The body, thus the creation of whatever it is they come to do.  She has done amazing things but still believes there is more yet.  It is true.
Trust in that my dear Gail.

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