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My question is concerning my situation here in France I haven’t been able to find work and it is going to be one year now I have moved here . I feel pretty depressed concerning my situation . I have no clue or idea what I should be doing as work here in France? I am very confused in which direction should I take career-wise. I need some help, some guidance, please.  I know I do not want anymore to take care of sick people like I used to, meaning people with mental health and addictions. Is it possible please to help me to figure it out because my health has been affected physically and mentally? I know I am feeling depressed by not being able to find work here and it’s starting to affect my marriage as well. It makes me feel sad to wake up in the morning and not have idea what should I do with my day. I guess I am feeling lost and stuck.

The guide responds:

Oh my blessed, blessed wonderful little worry wart. When you wake in the morning begin by just being glad you are awake and able to do what you want to do. Choose to be positive, even if you’re not perhaps feeling that strong. Before you even put your feet on the floor, stretch the full length of your body; take deep breaths. And then have a little rub all over: feet, legs, knees, tummy, your back, your shoulders, and your arms. Shake your hands, touch your face, and be present in all of the wonder of being in a beautiful little body.

Now, I’m not surprised that you do not want to nurture and care for and give energy to others right now. Right now is the time for just some happy, light work. You love jewelry; you love all sorts of decorative things. Choose one of these places and go in to see if there is an opening for work. Or maybe you could help at a stall just to see how the job is done. Offer yourself up as voluntary help for certain people just to see how it is run. And after you find yourself befriending and being part of it you will find an opportunity for work.

You obsess about things my dear, because you’ve never felt too sure that life will hold you up. But surprise—it is holding you up. You are well. You will be happy. Trust in this, my dear. Trust in the gift of your life to you. Look at how amazing it has been. See all these wonderful things that you have learned, not as negatives but as wonderful opportunities. And you grew, and you chose, and you are much wiser. And a higher vibration now than ever before. And you know that your body is telling you: enough heavy work, let’s find some light. Choose anything. It doesn’t have to cure the world. It has to cure you.

Bless you my child.

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