17 Shopping Days Until Christmas

Happy, happy day off to get some gifts! I still dress up a bit when I go downtown. Nothing like I used to, high heels, not now. Comfy shoes, but still feeling rather swish.

10:30am, pulling out of the driveway, I’m asking my Guides to surround me in Light and to have safe travels. A driver blasts their horn, for what, I have no idea. Traffic was congested but this doesn’t bother me.

Finding a parking place after some time, sanitizing and mask on, I jumped out of the car to a person yelling at me to get out of their way. Not sure what the problem was there, I continued on and arrived at the store door to a command of, “Wait there!”. After a few minutes, and a few masked people leaving, I was allowed in after being sprayed again with disinfectant.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m in total support of all actions to keep everyone safe. Although, shopping with a mask on is impossible for me. My brain just goes numb. Inching my way through the store, I followed the arrows thinking I knew where in the store I would find my gift. No, that department was now on the other side of the store. Finally finding it, standing there trying to think and decide, a sweet, little voice actually spoke to me. “I like this one, it’s the most popular,” she said. My heart lifted and as I said, “Thank you sweetheart!” And, another masked person pulled her away. First human contact!

Now standing at the cashier, I stayed on my spot, distanced from many masked people all looking down at their phones. I remember in the past enjoying standing in lines, talking with others, sharing views, and watching happy families.

The store clerk was lovely, my heart opened to him as he tried to convey something to a very unhappy customer. As he took my payment, I could tell he was sick. “Take care of yourself,” I told him, in a motherly way. He stopped and really looked at me. Second human contact!

It’s now noon and I’ve decided I’m done. Going to my car, impatient people had to take turns in elevators, so I took to the stairs. It’s the unspoken energy around everyone that is so disturbing to me. Masked faces with critical eyes.

Leaving the parking lot, I became the recipient of a very nasty hand gesture. Third human contact!

I’m wondering… what is happening?

Arriving home, I felt tired and closed the door on a world I’m not too sure of. We have our work cut out for us.

I say thank you for bringing me home. Thank you for helping me see.

I am asking in the name of the highest, the brightest and the purest for healing for all of us.


You Are Not Alone

Photo by lilartsy on Unsplash

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