Give yourself permission to be the great being that you are now, Jane Kennard, Circles within Circles

A guide speaks to one asking about past lives in Lemuria?

What is my soul family and do I come from Lumerian or  Angelic lines?

Dearest one, you are a beautiful being. There are many lifetimes, yes, it could go back that far. But I would like you to dwell in this lifetime. There are some that walk the physical plane believing that they have wings they cannot see. If their belief is strong, the wings exist. If they are told to you, would they exist? You are an amazing being. Don’t try to fit yourself into the image that someone else has created. Be that that YOU are, blessed one, an amazing being of light. Yes, alright, I will tell you, you are a teacher. You are going to teach, not in a classroom but by example, by that that you live, for that is the greatest teaching. You will heal others through your teaching. I will say no more, for if I did I would take from your growth–and that would be against my growth.

No one being fits into any one category. Those who write down verse and thoughts of how things should be are searching themselves, my dearest. The greatest healers often have to experience healing; the greatest teachers have to learn. You see, dearest, there are both sides to everything. You want to have fact. And in fact your spirit wants to soar and create, and feels limited without permission. I give you permission to be, my child. Be the great being that you are. Stand amongst many and know that you stand in your truth. That is the only permission you need.

Would you feel comforted if I stamped upon you what you were and how you be? You are of the light. Be, my child. Be.