Be the person you want to be, Jane Kennard, Circles Within Circles

Be the person you would like to be

Be the person you want to be, Jane Kennard, Circles Within Circles

I want to be a better person, to genuinely be non-judgmental, more generous, and feel more empathy.

Then be it. I know that might sound terribly simple—but it isn’t, or is it? Then be it. Then each day set your intention to be present.

Now, you do have a bit of confusion from growing up and trying to be the perfect person; being there for other people doesn’t mean you need to be a perfect person. It means that you need to be human—with flesh and blood and frailties and strengths that make you a radiant wonderful being. And it doesn’t mean that you should throw yourself across the water that others should walk over you. It means that you should be present, help them see themselves, help you to see yourself.  How to be responsible to the friendship and love of others is to be truly who you are.

I’m often hearing that: Be that that you are.

I don’t believe any of you realize how amazing you are, how radiant you are. And we don’t see your bodies the way you see them. We see an amazing light, a beautiful light.

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