Carried away on the reunion of love

Itsmee writes:

Hi guides, I recently met and started talking to a great guy who I grew to like. We were really into each other and he wanted to begin a serious relationship with me. He became distant and we got into a big argument. Now he doesn’t want anything to do with me. Did he even care? Was I wrong?

The guide’s response:

Dear heart, the choices both made is in that great attraction of meeting again.  It is true: you have known each other from before, other times. Often that reunion is so unearthly that it overpowers much.   And then, after some time, the ability of the mind, that grey matter, to have all of the conditions and rules and expectations flow through it all, returns.

No mistakes were made.  It is not meant to be at this time.  It may never be.  But, simply know that you were carried away on the reunion of love.   No blame is involved in this, no expectations.  It just is.  Every now and then in the physical domain it is as if time has stopped and you step into another era, with another being.  And you dance the dance of joy and love that is and does affect all manner of beings sometime.  Say thank you and allow it to be and seek what you need, blessed one.

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  1. RichLovingJoy April 3, 2012 at 11:49 am - Reply

    Thank you Ladies and Guides for this opportunity. Could you please provide me with guidance as to what is going on with my stomach and the bump that recently appeared. I did go to the doctor and am presently awaiting test results. While I am glad that I went, I find that medical doctors want to focus on family history – while I myself, know that the history of my siblings and other family, is THEIR history – not MINE – and I feel that my voice is not being heard. Guidance at this time is most appreciated.

  2. shveta April 3, 2012 at 3:14 pm - Reply

    I had a very bad experience with ‘G’ in past and with the people around me esp my classmates who all reacted in very rude way-passing embarrasing remarks,humiltaing me,baseless accuses…Im very very hurt when those things pass my mind…why did they do it..why all that happened,why when i needed help,God didnt come…I was always calling Him…I suffered everything silently….
    Ive heard its the past karmas that come back this I want to ask specifically what wrong I did to ‘G’ and to my other colleagues in my past lives? Its imp for me to know this bcoz so many bad things happened during the same time frame and build a very very bad past which hurts me on and on…..their words still fresh in my mind,the pain and humilation of all events is still supressed somehwere in my heart…why me??????????? Im still afraid to face my collegaues in future….PLZ GUIDE

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