“G” asks about some big changes coming up in his/her life.  “My work contract is coming to an end and I don’t have any work or income secured for after March 2010. Part of me trusts that something will come along, but I also want to make sure that I am doing all that I can to be open to opportunities. I’m not sure if my next move will be in a new organization, in a new town, back to school, overseas… it’s one big question mark. Do you have any words to guide me through the next few months? I know to trust because the perfect thing will present itself, but is there something specific I should focus my energies on? Or is there something I can do to decide what to focus on? Thank you.”

Such a creative being. In the past you have always created that that you needed. And so it shall be again.  So, allow your thoughts to roam and tumble and create and dream and it will all fall into place. It won’t stay that way forever.   It will change back and forth, up and down. You have come to this life to experience something very clear, oh, besides the promises. Those acts of learning that you must learn.

You were of great royalty in a lifetime where things landed at your feet, good and bad. But there is still an sense about you that there will always be someone there with a hand to help you. And that is true. I won’t tell you what it is you have come to experience, but I think you will be quite amused.