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sunrise1Nicola – Dear Guides, I have lived a life so far that has been directed largely by my feelings of low self-worth and a deep-seated sense of inadequacy. How do I free myself of this? I’m done with trying to analyse where it has all come from and now I just want to take the old, wet blanket off. How can I do this?

Several years ago I was gifted with a number of Reiki attunements that I have done little with and am unsure how to best use. Could Reiki be of benefit to me right now, and, if so, would this be through self-healing or through the healing of others or Mother Earth? I feel drawn to Reiki right now, but I’m not sure for what reason. I’ve also noticed that Reiki and healing seem to feature in my astrology chart. Does it have some role to play in my life that I have yet to come to?  Thank you for your assistance with this.

The first step in growing and moving forward is understanding that you must be responsible for the choices you have made.  Or, I might say owning that wet blanket that you are fighting with.

If you embrace it and know that you love it even in its sour notes and discomfort, but then you can choose to leave it.  Fighting it never released anyone from anything, it only leaves scars.  You do not wish to have deep scars.

Own that that was, that that is. Be the amazing light you are whether you think of yourself as a survivor, a healer, a being of light that had to learn certain elements of the physical elements in order to be.   The greatest healers are those that have walked through all of the pain that they can now touch in others and help them to own and release.

Your process is the greatest tool for learning that you can help others with.

You ask if Reiki is important and yet you know it is.  You love the energy fields that it taught you, that all energy moves through all beings.  That the distortion of the energy can be alleviated with choices, with love and with light.

Of course, my dear, you will be a healer for that is what you have always been.  You  must remember how you would help others when they were sad.  You never thought of it as a healing only.  You were so uncomfortable with sadness.

Precede, my dear.  Own all that you have been and own all that you will be.  Choose to be filled with light and peace, understanding that happiness, the form that is considered happiness in your physical world happens with lightening.  You don’t know when it will strike.  But if you proceed in the wonder of your light it will.

You are a being of light and love and when moments of discomfort come over you, see them, recognize them.   If you wish, allow it for a few moments and then say that’s enough.  Now I choose to be filled with the love of simply being.

I know you sometimes struggle with what does that mean, to be that that you are.

The energy that holds all of your cells together, that is the mother of all of their cells is the energy of God.  That is what you be.  I know you live in a world where some would think that was absolutely blasphemy for me to say, that you are a God.  But you are my dear.  That is the energy that moves you.

So choose for that energy and you will always be at the highest and you will always find yourself in a place where you want to be.  For you want to do good and be that light.  Bless you my child for you are love.

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