be that that you are

Children translate time with them as love

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I would like to ask about anxious children and the increasing level of anxiety in this world. Don’t tackle everything. Don’t think it all must be done. You’re carrying around loads of thoughts and understandings, and ‘have-to’s, and maybe, and ‘I’ll do it’ and, ‘I won’t.’  ‘I’ll be there with that person” and….  Stop—and breathe. [...]

Give yourself permission to be the great being that you are now

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A guide speaks to one asking about past lives in Lemuria? What is my soul family and do I come from Lumerian or  Angelic lines? Dearest one, you are a beautiful being. There are many lifetimes, yes, it could go back that far. But I would like you to dwell in this lifetime. There are [...]

Be the person you would like to be

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I want to be a better person, to genuinely be non-judgmental, more generous, and feel more empathy. Then be it. I know that might sound terribly simple—but it isn’t, or is it? Then be it. Then each day set your intention to be present. Now, you do have a bit of confusion from growing up [...]


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