Asking how to help abandoned cats

wild catsHow can I best help these cats that are in the garbage area?

You look for all lost souls, don’t you my dear?  You want to help those that have been discarded whether they be an animal or a person.  You may not admit this, but it is truth.You give attention to these beings for you know what it feels like to not have a voice.

How to help these beings?  Well, if you feed them they form a dependency.  If you help nurture them they will follow you home.   You are afraid of them but you can being the attention of where they be to someone who can come and capture.  Yes, capture.  You are afraid of that that they will then be put down.  There are many groups that will only help.  That is one way.   You must choose what way you want to be part of.

You labor over choices my blessed one.    You are to run into the burning building and help all, but you fear of being burned.   You have been burned, of course I speak this of a metaphor, but you know what I mean.  You have been hurt by people you loved.  You have been hurt by people that you thought were very wise and now perhaps feeling their wisdom is not yours.

Does that still mean you must follow their speaking or follow the teacher that lies within you, your own wisdom?  Difficult, but not an impossible choice to make.

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