Asking for your worth at work

SW writes:

Over the last five months I have approached my employer several times about my responsibilities and requesting a higher salary. I believed it was done with positive communication and respectfully. I’m feeling a barrier or resistance. Although it was difficult to ask, I put it out there because it is deserved. Can you advise if I am being too assertive or not assertive enough? Anything on my end that may be blocking this additional money flow. There are excess funds available in my place of employment. Big thanks and appreciation for your guidance!

The guide’s response:

Yes, she must continue because this is her growth.  This is what is at hand for her.  She needs to ask for herself as it is all about her coming out of that place of hiding that she has been in for some time.  She is a little mouse sometimes and that is not who she is at all anymore and needs to come out, to say what her worth is and to expect it.  It has been taken a bit the wrong way by this supervisor as a threat and it has nothing to do with that at all, but that is how she sees it.  If SW places it in a way as this is what I must do, I am not doing this against you, I am doing this because I must.  It is not about saying she is needy or a victim.  She wants her worth.  She has worked and it is hers to be held.

So is there some way she can do it in a less assertive way?

She is very technical and has presented it very technically and this threatens this supervisor because she is least technical of all beings.  She has nothing written down and doesn’t like ever to be asked of anything.  The supervisor is afraid that she would be surpassed.  Place it in a non-threatening way: I beseech you again, you must give me a direct answer please.

Thank you.  I’ll pass this on to her.

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  1. k February 28, 2011 at 1:06 pm - Reply

    hello, i am wondering if more than one family member can be communicating with the same guide. you know which one i am talking about. also my daughter has questions about “God” or source energy, and how it is that this has always existed. she has may questions, how can i best help her find the answers she seeks, and how can i help her relax. and her sister, how can i best communicate with her. many thanks and love.

  2. Ann February 28, 2011 at 4:50 pm - Reply

    Hi Guides – I am blessed with family and friends and workmates. Not always, but often I feel alone even amongst those that I care about. When I was little I used to sit at my window looking at the stars where I felt I belonged. This time in body, why do I feel this sadness, is it carryover from many past lives or is this from hanging on to disappointments experienced in this life? How can this sadness be healed or released. I am very thankful and await your message.

  3. Tyler February 28, 2011 at 5:36 pm - Reply

    I had a bond with marie which i feel was my soulmate but we broke it off brecause of addiction and fighting but to this day i miss and love her it’s been a year and i want to know if we have a future together. I still love her we understood each other and had an unbreakable bond unless you count are alcoholic mishaps,i hope we can heal our past and move forward but i don’t even know where she lives,but i know i love this woman and i want to be with her should i move back to the kootenays to find her or are we done please give me some guidance on what to do with myself,I feel like we’ve probably spent past lives together and if that’s the case i want to make it rightthis time around,give me the wisdom that will settle my soul so i know what next move i need to make…..thank you tyler thank you spirit and guides I will burn sage in thank you of your response thank you

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