Jo asks:

Will I be financially better off this year? Also do you see me retiring in a tropical country in my later years? I welcome any advice from my spirit guides.

The guide’s response:

In many ways you are very capable of bringing money to you.  As to how much, you have never understood what you needed from the physical world.  Perhaps this is a question you need to ask yourself, dearest one.  What do you want?

As to a retirement in a tropical place, dearest one, that is entirely up to you. If you want this, it shall be.  You set many hurdles and limitations for yourself. Release yourself from these.  Open the floodgates to allow the love and the light to flow towards you.  Just concentrate on that and it shall be.

Do not think of how much you must do to earn.  Why is there such a heavy burden upon you, a debt that you must do in order to receive?  I see this plaguing many in the physical domain.  Dearest one, allow the light to come to you for your choices, ask and you shall receive.