Barbara asks, “Can you tell me if David has been in my past life and were we meant to be together. He is on my mind constantly. I have been told that I have a great love coming and wonder if he is the one? If he isn’t the one, why am I so obsessive about him and how does he feel about me? I have gained tremendous growth and feel ready to enter into a relationship.”

This one definitely has been in your life before, that’s why the attraction. That’s why your energies lift when you come together. As to his choices at this time, it is much more difficult for him. He has different complexities at hand.

Does it mean he is the one, that you should be together? In fact there are three entities very close to you right now that could truly be great, deep, long partners for you. You should allow yourself to drift in this beautiful haze of attraction and love. Let the fantasy awaken all parts of your being. Worry not as to what the conclusion should be at this time, but understand that this is apart of your evolution. For so long you have put your love on hold. And this being has awoken a wonderful part. If that be it alone, then that be perfect. If there be more it is not entirely up to you. Others are involved. I cannot tell you the future my dear, for that is in your hands. Trust that there is a purpose and a reason for all manner of experience at this time.

Thank you. I’m sure that will be very helpful.

I hope so. Barbara is a very proper person. She doesn’t ever want to be made a fool of.

I don’t think any of us want that.

Ummn, and yet it is a joy – to be a fool.