Animal souls and factory farming

Andrea asks about animal souls.  She says, “I am very conscious of the cruelty that is inflicted on animals during factory farming. I would like to know if the animal soul chooses this experience. It is selfish in a way, as I would like to know if they are exercising their free will. I recently watched a film (Food Inc) which also showed factory produced animals and how they are “processed”. I could see the pain in the animals’ eyes and it really upset me. I know I can choose to not support this industry myself but not buying the products but how can we get this to stop? Surely these noble creatures deserve more respect. “

Yes, my dear.  There is a purpose.  The fact that you saw this film and grew–that was their purpose. Do you understand this? Some creatures come upon the physical world so evolved that their very purpose is to only to create growth for others. Whether that be to support their physical being or their spiritual being.  In that alone, they have succeeded. They are the individual.  Did they choose that path? Yes. Do they deserve better?  Yes. Have they done right? Yes.

They do experience pain. And, it is wrong to treat the creatures that you consume without respect and dignity. You must treat all beings with respect. There should be honour for every manner of thing in your physical world. For these creatures were created for your growth, amazing as that might seem.  But not to squander, not to inflict pain, not to hurt, or condemn in any way. So, you honour them; they honour you.

You, my dear, are a tiny teardrop that has ripples in the great ocean and can affect many.  This is what has happened to you, my dear. And so now that you understand, you can  choose to find ways to find a source of food that has been produced in the greatest of joy. That the creatures shall feel the sun and the earth beneath their feet. That they should not be penned with so many that they choose to fight amongst themselves. For they so love humanity and deserve grace and love in return.

Joanna’s comment.  We’ve heard this from the guides previously that these animals give us the gift of food and it is our responsibility to honour and value their gift.  This means looking into the source of the meat, poultry, eggs and milk we purchase and choosing to buy from small farms that treat the animals humanely.  There are some sources of food produced in joy but it takes some looking to find them.

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  1. Kristine February 11, 2010 at 12:42 pm - Reply

    This is a most beautiful answer that has moved me to tears. I will endeavor to purchase “loved” food.

  2. Anonymous February 18, 2010 at 2:06 pm - Reply

    I was wondering about astrology and is there much we can learn from it?do we choose our birthchart and our date of birth,for example why would a person choose to be born a leo or scorpio or born with venus in pisces or venus in aries,i have always been into astrology and i can certainly see some evidence in my life.would you have any words on this subject,it would be very much appreciated,thank you from RMW

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