SWIM – In reference to the books of the bible and other ancient writings…. why were these written? Are we decieved to think that we must follow certain rules or guidelines to have eternal life? How do we know what is the absolute truth? The Gospel of Thomas sheds a new light onto what my family has always pushed on me. I feel like I am cramming to understand when I need to be figuring it out from a place inside me. Is America running out of time? I read that life as we know it will change forever before the summer time of 2012 arrives. Then I see all this prophecy of doomsday and the end of what is in December of 2012….. I wish the world would just slow down because I need more time!!!!

You have lots of time, blessed one.  Your time is not running out, though perhaps your patience is.  So much information, ancient or new age, all sorts, but, in truth, all generate from a place of fear.  But you live in a time, a new time, the overturn of souls. What does this mean, blessed one?  It means that what you used to teach will no longer resonate within you.  It is a new beginning, a new time of history to be made, yet to be learned.

The Book of Thomas is from the Gnostic time.  It is interesting.  Many of the holy books have some traces of truth, but they don’t pertain to now.  Your society has outgrown them and that is why so many have interpreted them over and over trying to cram them into a new circle where they do not exist.  And those that stand and prophesize of that was said a long time ago only feel let down for it no longer fits.  Bless them, love them, but know that their words do not fit on your path.  You are a radiant being of light, a teacher of the light.  Speak of your love for your world and that you will embrace it with a tender open heart, nurturing care.

You see, blessed one, the society is learning that you do not grow and evolve under the heavy hand of fear and control, the gentle lotus opens with the tender touch of the water and the warmth of the sun.  See the wonder in your world.  The ancient folk religions at this time might mean more truth for you than any that has been contrived and controlled.  Hear the spirit in the wind, or the strength of your world talk to you in whatever manner you need to hear. Bless you my child for seeking.  Bless you my child for being.

And to all that seek, it is a new day in your physical world.  But always at the changing of the guard there will be some difficulties. Bless them, love them and know that their struggle is based form fear. And if they let down their fear they shall grow and radiate in love.  Bless you all.