Gracie writes, “Throughout my life I struggle with trust and abandonment issues that come up in my relationships with men and I seem to sabotage relationships.  I’ve been involved with this man for over two years and wonder if I am wrong about him.  I am striving to work through this and do not want to sabotage this relationship.  I am unsure if it’s my intuition that is telling me to run, or if I’m falling into self sabotage mode again.  Is this the man I’m to share my life with? Your insight, wisdom and guidance on my issues with this relationship is greatly appreciated.”

Your dear, dear heart  is very confused right now.  Society’s expectations and yours don’t always meet.  Be not afraid to feel your own truth, my dearest one.  I know you want the feeling of companionship and love, the feeling of trust, that one will help and be there for you.  Ask yourself:  is this what I am receiving?  You feel that you have made mistakes in your choices or that you have created situations that have caused chaos.  Do not be so critical of yourself.  There are many situations you have been in the middle of that were not always your choice.  It is time to spend some time on you.  You are a blessed being and you often looked upon yourself  and have not been very loving to it.  Take some time now to love it, to let it breathe, to play, to enjoy.  So many expectations, so much judgments.  Release these.  Be that that you are.  Stay in the moment, dearest.  Ask yourself the questions you need to, but allow room around them and space for them to be answered.  Allow time to grow and a love to be.