Someone called “I wonder yes I do” asked what he or she can do to help a friend  who is in great turmoil all the time.  He or she says, “I wish I knew what I could do to help him to feel at peace? What does he need from me as a friend?”

A mirror.  Blessed one, you love this one enough to be a mirror to reflect back all that he speaks.  When he is in pain, say: you are in pain.  When he is staying in a place of no growth, say: I see that you are in a place where you do not want to move forward.  These choices are creating a self-initiated pain.  Be a mirror but a mirror of love.  Each time you say it, say it in a loving way.  “This is what you are doing.”

Do not judge, but be a mirror.  Do not give advice, mirror.  You fear to give advice for this one has an answer for everything. So give no answer.  Just state what is very clear to you in that moment in that time.  He is lucky to have such a loving being on his path.  Bless you my child.